Jean Bardot Minneapolis Dominatrix

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I work out of my own private 1400sq ft dungeon in South Minneapolis, Minnesota. All of my rooms are fully equipped to fulfill most Dungeon and Domestic needs. AC, heat, full shower and bathroom facilities. My space is located just minutes from the MSP airport and minutes from downtown; it is a safe location and offers the necessary privacy and discretion for our mutual comfort. Public outings nearby and shopping sessions (especially for cross dressing items) are both possibilities.

My Space

Jean Bardot Minneapolis Dominatrix
Jean Bardot Minneapolis Dominatrix
Jean Bardot Minneapolis Dominatrix

All of my equipment and rooms are kept fastidiously clean, in good repair, and well stocked. I maintain very high standards of cleanliness and safety.

Large Equipment

Jean Bardot Minneapolis Dominatrix

Bondage Cages
Bondage Chairs
X Frame
Leather Dentist Chair/Lounger
Suspension Devices - motorized
Rubber Body Bags
Birthing Chair
Latex Vac Bed, Trifecta
and Cube

Full Medical Room

Jean Bardot Minneapolis Dominatrix

Embalmment table
Medical chair
Vintage Convertible Medical Table/Gyno chair
ErosTek & Folsum devices
Violet Wand
Piercing and Suturing Supplies
Pinwheels and other medical devices
Locked Cabinet with way too many evil things to list here...

Some of My Toys

Jean Bardot Minneapolis Dominatrix

  • Ball crushers
  • Blindfolds
  • CBT items
  • Canes of every material
  • Candles and flash cotton
  • Collars, cuffs and leashes
  • Cross dressing clothes and lingerie as well as make-up and wigs, hairbrushes
  • Crops
  • Electrical devices – many different power boxes and dozens of electrodes
  • Feathers
  • Funnels
  • Gloves made from fur, rubber, leather with claws, etc. for sensation play
  • Handcrafted floggers, whips and cats
  • Heavy and light clips/clamps
  • Hoods- Leather and Latex
  • Mummification supplies
  • Needles and lots of other sharp and pokey things
  • Paddles make of wood, leather, acrylic and rubber
  • Parachutes and weights
  • Rope – many colors, textures, thicknesses
  • Rulers

And so much more……………

Your fantasy will become your reality!!!!

My Sessions

Hourly Sessions

I do hourly sessions with half-hour increments (after the first hour), from 1 hour to all day. The usual session length with me is 2 hours, and I recommend that all first-time appointments be a minimum of 2 hours. I am not a "clock watcher," which is why I dislike short sessions. I want to have time enough to enjoy myself. Tribute for session starts at $250/hr depending on your scene. 

Extended Sessions

I thoroughly enjoy having plenty of time to do as I like, whether it be half a day or a week. I am fully equipped to do extended day or evening sessions. Whether you want to taste the reality of serving a Goddess for an extended period, or you have an intense fantasy to be acted out, I am thoroughly pleased and prepared to indulge you.

Extended sessions will involve meals and napping arrangements, but please note this would not be hotel service. I do have internet available if needed.

Couples Sessions

I just love couples! I enjoy sessions where one or both parties wants to experience submission. Whether it is training a wife to better dominate her husband, a submissive duo who wants to suffer in tandem, or an obedient girlfriend who longs to act out bisexual fantasies while her boyfriend watches. Couples sessions follow the same appointment guidelines as solo sessions.

I can travel to you…

Do you live somewhere I don't normally visit? Or is it preferable to have me come to you? I am selectively open to traveling to your locale for training and sessions, at my discretion and inclination.  You would be responsible for all my travel expenses, including round-trip coach flight on Delta Airlines, a 3 or 4-star accommodations (Marriott or Hilton preferred) and meals. Plus, you'll be responsible for a minimum number of session or training hours per day.  For obvious reasons, all tributes and travel expenses must be remitted in advance of booking my trip.

My Specialties

I've spent more than a decade immersing myself into all aspects of the fetish lifestyle and BDSM, taking classes, reading books, attending seminars and workshops.  My likes are far too extensive to list here, but below are some of my favorites. If you have something specific that is not on my list, please inquire with me directly.

  • Latex Fetish. I have an extensive wardrobe of latex clothing, toys and bondage pieces. This is where My kinky lifestyle started.
  • Role-play. There is no limit to my imagination, and I'm always open to hearing new ideas.
  • Bondage, Mummification and Sensory Deprivation.
  • Behavior Modification through the means of Discipline
  • Cross Dressing and Sissy Play
  • Medical Scenes
  • Chastity - I love to play games, especially while in public.
  • Tease and Denial. Nothing is more exciting than making a man quiver at my touch, making him beg for more while remaining unobtainable. 
  • I take pleasure in introducing novices and exploring the extremes with advanced players.
Jean Bardot Minneapolis Dominatrix


During any type of session, expect your limits to be tested, yet respected!!!



My limits - Do not ask me for these!

· Absolutely no sex

· Body worship


· Scat

· Switch sessions

· Wrestling